Friday, November 5, 2010

Difference in Taiwan

When I was in Taiwan, it feels a lot like Malaysia, the Chinese, the non-stop eating, the ease in communicating in common language, and the way people behave seems similar, hehe.

Being in different places, we tend to observe & note the difference, so, here are some of the things Iave noticed thru my eyes & points of view:

  • Ratio of maybe 20:1 for high-heels: flats. Hardly I see girls/ladies wearing high-heels, the reason may be that most of them get around by LRT and on foot in the city, hence, can’t afford to pain the feet walking around in heels
  • 7-11 is the most visited store in the city
  • No flushing of toilet paper into the toilet bowl. So, how do we dispose our used toilet paper during business? A dustbin beside the toilet bowl. (eeeewwwwww!)
  • Roads are very messy. I would easily 90% bang into cars from opposite direction if I were to drive there.
  • While crossing roads, cars would have to watch out for us, not us watching out for cars.

Other than that, I guess they are very much just like us =D


simplysarah said...

haha!! sounds like i will suffer if i go there. *chinese mode*
du bu chi but wo bu chi dao jiang hua yi.. xDDD

u know how phail i am as a cina. ...
i am trying!! :D

Angel Ooh said...

hahaha, sarah if u go there, sure come back with perfect mandarin *environment & nice clothes force u to learn mandarin* hehe =P